dreamsHole in the Head

Slept on a futon in a finished basement of a PrioritiesNH volunteer last night. The heat ran all night making for light sleep, so I had a vivid, morning dream:

A child stalks the inhabitants of a run-down building. He kills the first person with a knife and then the second with a razor. A cop shows up to check things out and the child captures him, ties him up, and takes his gun.

I become the child’s next victim when he stalks me and shoots me in the head. I fall to the floor as the cop runs in from another room, grabs the gun and kills the child. My vision fades as a bang sounds and the child falls to the floor.

I come to and realize that I’m still alive. I speak with someone and then see two doctors approach me with a steel instrument. They poke around my head, and I tell them I don’t care what I look like. Just fix my head.

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