Dream: Underground Greenville

I go to a hotel room with TG and William Shatner. Shatner is talking about the date he has that night as I decided to wander away. I see my family in the dining room of the hotel and my mother ignores me. I look over to one side of where I stand and see a tour group full of masked Asians. Someone in the group mentions the “Lord of the Rings” film, and then another person in the group pukes on the ground. I see AM amble through the pile of vomit, and then a group of ROTC cadets run through it.

I wander away and find a dark area covered in graffiti. A guy shows up with a cut out stencil and asks me if he can paint it on the wall. I say “of course.” The guy sets it up on the wall and gets ready to spray the stencil. A black man in a suit comes out of a nearby doorway and yells at the sprayer. The sprayer yells back, gesturing to all the other graffiti and art that has been painted on the walls.

I wander off.

Wed., Jan. 11, Marin County