DREAM: TR Pulp Fiction

TG’s mom has died and his sister needs a ride to the mortuary. The mortuary sends a car around to pick her up, while TG drives me to the mortuary. A storm causes a downpour as TG drives by several police cars that have blocked off a street. We stop in the parking lot by the American Cafe, and TG gets out of the auto and approaches a white guy with a gun.

TG pulls out a gun and shoots the other guys’ gun and ruins it. The guy throws his gun at TG and then TG runs to tackle the guy. The guy pulls out a straight razor just as TG opens his arms to grab the guy. The razor cuts TG’s left side open. Panicked, I get out of the auto to help TG, but the guy runs towards me with a raised razor.

::: I end the dream and wake up ::: I fall asleep, fall back into the dream scene, but change the endings like a DVD bonus.

1) I suddenly am a karate master and disarm the guy and kick his ass.

2) I look at the razor and turn it into a flower, making the guy look like a Banksy stencil.

3) I slow the movement down and go over to the guy and disarm him.

……. DREAM ENDS …….. Another dream begins…….

DH is a wanted man so he flees a building to save himself. He runs into a park and hides under a round structure. The structure is a sacred spot for the local Native Americans, so the police cannot go there and apprehend DH. Some guys in a truck try to nab DH but they are tricked about where DH is hiding spot.

DH runs away, clutching a dirty Fozzie the Bear doll (that, like Hobbs in Calvin and Hobbs, will come to life).

….. another transition ……

Fozzie and Samuel L. Jackson in the hood.

Fozzie is hiding in a garage in a rough hood of a big, urban city. There is barbed wire, graffiti, and junk strewn about the garage. A young junkie girl has just OD’d, and a dealer comes to call. When all seems lost, the Muppets save the day in a hilarious ending.

…….. alt ending ……..

The hood is rated PG this time and Samuel L. Jackson does not make a cameo. The young junkie still dies, but, instead of a dealer showing up, six women show up instead. They are dressed as kittens, and Fozzie sniffs the main cat’s butt to see who they are. He recognizes her scent and the other women laugh.

Thur., Jan. 12, 2012 (Marin County)