Dream: The Flooded Boat

2/8/2008 AM dream

As I show up to a building by the ocean, I look through a window into a room, and notice a young woman taking her clothes off. I go to the WC, come out, and, back in clothes, she gives me an embarrassed look. “I took antidepressants while you were away,” she tells me, “and they make me jittery.” “Nudity doesn’t bother me,” I reply, “except while eating at the table.” I then walk to the ocean-side where a party is happening.

While there, the ocean current sweeps a flooded viking ship towards us a several times. I take out my phone and try to make a video of the ship. “You should pull the ship out!” someone yells at me. I laugh at the thought.

I leave the party and go to visit Mark at his father’s apartment complex. While there, Charles offers Mark and me food, which I reluctantly eat. Mark slyly motions for me to look at the rotting porch that runs outside a sliding door. “I just saw a flooded viking boat down in the ocean,” I say. “It used to be a tourist boat,” Charles replies. “Someone suggested that I pull it out of the water,” I say. “Now if I had some rope,” I add, “I would’ve been in business.”

“With all the lines underwater,” Charles replies, “you’d have a hard time taking it out.” Charles hands Mark a plate with something on it. Mark walks down off the rotting porch, most likely to feed a pet. Charles and I go into a room with an unleveled floor. I have trouble making my chair sit level, so Charles helps me with it. “Have you ever heard of Duchamp?” I ask. “No.” “Duchamp lived in a condemned house when he created a scandal in Paris. He submitted a urinal to a juried exhibit, in the early 20th century.”