DREAM: Are You Afraid?

A one-story Dutch hotel sits in the countryside and is a popular place to stay. I check in and have some problems finding my room. The hallways seem to wind and turn like they would on a cruise ship. Cup-holders line the walls in the hall and they have smoothy drinks in them. The drinks are either smart drinks that enhance drug trips or they have drugs mixed in them.

Walking down the hall, I meet a couple who live in the hotel. They’re friendly. The man cracks open a smoothy, puts something in it, and gives it to me. I leave them, put the drink in a holder on the wall, and open a door into a dark room. I stick my head through the doorway and it disappears completely. I appear in a room where fleshy, stringy stuff hangs all over the place. A pretty woman in a blue bikini walks towards me from the opposite side of the room.

“Are you afraid?” she asks.
“No,” I reply.
I disappear and reappear outside the hotel on the lawn. I go back inside, find my smoothy and bags and leave the hotel.

Three people, two men and one woman, have just checked into the place. They found a large amount of money in their room and are trying to figure out how to deal with it. The woman goes to the same room I walked into and opens the door. She walks in and disappears.

Days pass until the men find the woman on a door stoop in front of the hotel. She looks horrible and tells them that she wandered in the woods, unable to eat for 8 days. She finally kept some food down and made it back to the door stoop.

They pull their new truck up to load their things and get the hell out of there. A policeman arrives. They take him into their room and explain the pile of cash. They then coax the cop to check out the strange room. He sticks his head into the dark room and it disappears. Then his body vanishes.

The cop sees stringy flesh all over the room as the beautiful woman appears, walking down the wall opposite the policeman.
“Are you afraid?”
“Yes,” he answers.

She suddenly appears next to him, blurs and quivers like TV static and gets sucked into the policeman’s mouth. Before he can react, he blurs and flickers. His stomach expands and appears to explode.

The woman suddenly stands beside him again, but she is ragged and stringy; distorted and not whole. She walks towards the cop and puts her huge, exaggerated lips close to his. He becomes ragged and stringy and his lips protrude towards hers. He wants to scream but he cannot.

The two men and woman drive away.

…. Dec. 3, 2002