2002 Dream: A Passenger’s Story

Two men, one dark-skinned and the other white, drive through the rain in a light-weight Toyota truck. They have already broken down once, and the passenger worries that it’ll happen again in the rain. The truck approaches a bridge without railing. Entering the structure, they hit a patch of standing water. The truck lurches left then swings right, barely reaching the road on the other side. It then spins around and slides into a field. A back corner of the truck crunches into an embankment. The passengers are lucky; no one is hurt.

While trying to pull the truck out of the muddy bank, the passenger finds a cold, dark spot in the forest. Spirits of brown-skinned natives exist in this spot. The passenger also sees three blonde-haired children with the spirits. One of the children approaches the passenger (who is light-skinned).

“You’re afraid of us. You haven’t crossed the property line.”

A native spirit sits down among the children and kisses the outspoken child with an open mouth. The truck passenger crosses the line and embraces the children.


The truck passenger rides a horse on a small road that goes along a marsh at the edge of a forest. He feels the same dark, cold space, so dismounts and walks into the woods. He sees a small house, approaches it and goes inside. Inside, the truck passenger finds the children, the spirit that kissed one of them, a large dark man, and my actual friend M.

The spirit pulls out a gun, exclaims that he is real, and leaves the house. The large dark man gets a phone call and says he has to go back to jail. M. stands at the end of a table and takes his pants off. The truck passenger leaves the house and walks into the forest.

He walks by a hollow tree and the spirit is in there with the gun. The passenger goes back into the house, grabs a gun, and hides behind a bar counter. The spirit uses the large dark man as cover and approaches the house. The passenger peeks around the counter, sees the large man, and then wishes that he’d placed mirrors on both sides of him.