Dream: A Weekend with Mark

2/1/2008 AM Dream #1

I get to spend a weekend in jail with Mark. The facility assigns me to a stall (no bars in this jail) beside his stall, and I share a bathroom with several other inmates. I can easily slide through a small opening at the bottom of our shared wall, so spend time in Mark’s cell talking. During the part of day when the cells are open, Mark has errands to run. He grabs a metal container and we leave his building. We walk through a wooded area, following a trail through the undergrowth. Mark says “Watch this,” as he grabs handfuls of dead grass along the way. We enter a small meadow in the woods; Mark holds the grass out in front of him. A beautiful dark horse walks out of the woods and trots up to us to eat the grass in Mark’s hand. It is a beautiful moment between us and the animal. We leave the meadow and walk to a two story building. People are climbing up a drainpipe in the corner of the building, and we climb up there as well. We are at some kind of pharmacist, so Mark then hands over his metal container to be filled with something that he needs. While we wait, one of the inmates helping the pharmacist hands me a mug of weak tea.

Back in our cells, I try to find my bathroom and accidently walk into someone else’s space. It is dark and creepy, so I move away from that strange place and then go back to may room. I then slip under the wall during lights out to visit Mark. Later, a group of guards mention my name as they’re walking down the hall, so I quickly slip back into my cell. The guards enter and escort me into a room where they ask me if I’d like to help Mark. I say I do, so they give me a package, an address, and call a cab for me to deliver it. I assume that it is a bomb, and go to the warehouse at the address to deliver it.

The next day, I try to find a way to tell Mark what I did. I try to find a quiet moment away from other inmates so that I can tell him. I am afraid that there may be retribution from my deed, violence from another inmate.