Dream: A Hero’s Misdeed

2/1/2008 AM Dream #2

A kingdom exists in a universe where a hero has been sent to make huge changes. This hero, with golden blond hair, flies to the kingdom with three or four huge golden bands spinning around him. He can wield the bands, create new ones, manipulate them to protect himself and project them as weapons.

When he fist comes to the kingdom, he assumes high status in the government there, all the while setting things up for the change that he needs to make. He then uses his powers, and the bands, to complete his deed. He goes to a safe place, a building that looks like a crypt, to hide as he sees the success of his actions. But a man, a servant or priest, rushes into the crypt to tell the man to flee.

As the hero realizes that something must have gone wrong, he hears a strange buzzing sound growing louder outside. As the sound approaches overhead, his instincts click in: he must shift to another universe to avoid this dreaded sound. If not, he will perish!