3/28 Dream Fragments

My dad tries to drive a van down a narrow alley that goes through a cemetery. I sit in the passenger seat, a bit stressed at the tight fit, and we make it through one stone-walled entrance. We make a turn, stopping at a dead end where a black-clad woman stands over a grave. I get out of the van to help Dad navigate the van out of the old cemetery.

Tired, I get ready to go to bed at my friend Heather’s place. I’m not sure which bed I’m supposed to sleep in so choose hers. Heather talks with her mom in the other room as I get under the covers and nod off. The next morning I wake up and go into the dining room. Heather tells me that I was cold last night; I had no idea that she’d gotten in bed with m.

Walking to my country house, I pass a group of boys who seem to be looking for trouble. I go into the house to do some things and then leave to get in my car. I start the car up and drive out of my gated property just as the boys walk into my yard. I stop the car and get out to close the gate on them, but one of the boys hops into the car as I walk away. I run back to the car, angry that I haven’t turned the alarm on. I get in, yell at the other boys that the house alarm is on, and drive away. The boy in the car won’t get out. We pass a police car on the side of the road and I don’t attempt to get him to help me. The boy asks me if I take photos of children. I tell him he’s crazy and abruptly stop the car. He seems afraid of me now so finally gets out. I turn around and race back to my house, dialing 911 on my cell.