2 Apr: A Dream Sliver

Just a fragment remembered: A pain hits the skin just near the lower left side of my mouth. Feels like a pimple, with the sharp pains that nerves release when one is forming. I put my left hand to the spot near my mouth and slightly pinch it. Yes, probably a pimple, but what is the deal with these course hairs? Several of them are coming out of the area and it hurts to pull on them.

I then feel a clenching in my throat, like I’m coughing up something that I didn’t swallow correctly. Suddenly, I am coughing up a foreign object, and it appears to NOT want to exit out of my mouth. As I retch, a pointed tip exits through the “pimple” in the side of my mouth. I continue to evacuate the object and a full-length, sharpened, yellow No. 2 pencil comes out of the wound! After it comes out, I feel relief and happiness. I wake from this dream (there was more before the “pimple”) slightly laughing at the image. What a great start for a Thursday.