My Dear One: 04.06.2008

My dear one,

I carry you to water

anoint your feet with present raining.

My dear one,

I point the sunlight

upon your radiant face –

pour the moonlight over your sleeping frame.

My dear one,

through sandstorms we wander lost

found in the embrace of the shifting path.

My dear one,

our eyes meet yet again

my sweet song showers words down on you –

moans and forms of giving in the Spring time –

seeking blossoms blowing on wind-strewn boughs.

My dear one,

you hold your hand to me, grasping the fingers

that caress the cheek through endless doorways.

(Hold that place in the mind’s heart

where wind shifts through drying clothes.)

My dear one,

a simple bow and a dfferent place

where wells never run dry

and no one goes wanting.

My dear one.

with your smile

another day of paradise

finds time to dance!