Stencils, Puppets, and Sound Oh My!

You are reading a HappyFeet communique dated April 2, 2002

Topics discussed below: relaunch April 1, 2002 world premiere launch April 1, 2002


Hello digitravelers. You haven’t heard from HappyFeet since Sept. when Yair Dalal performed a San Francisco World Remix concert for Peace in the Middle East. How timely, considering the concert was on Sept. 6th

Here are two amazing announcements from H/F HQ

+++++++++++ has been redesigned. Phase I of V.02 is
now online and mostly bug-free. Some new items covered on V.02 are:

PUPPETS: the Bay Area Puppet Cluster is alive and well. Check out their goings-on via our new puppet page.

SOUND: no mp3s up yet, but lots of concerts, dj’ing, etc. There will be more performers and more sound added to this page in Phase II.

STENCILS: see message below

++From the old site++

LINKS: all the favorite links, now community-centered. Send a link if you have one to post. More added in Phase II

CREATIONS: Extra art from HappyFeet

POLITICS: the Molotov Lounge is back in business with updated events posted frequently.

++BONUS TIP FOR H/F LIST: click on the HEART image on the homepage and get a treat (a la Brain Tease from old version)



Since 1995 stencil art has been a HappyFeet obsession. Now the obsession is online for the world to share. Our mission is simple: create a tighter stencil art community and watch it grow. Stencils from around the world are posted on here, and will be added to frequently.

How to/FAQ will be updated frequently as well.

In Phase II, submission pics will be accepted and posted.

So welcome back to HappyFeet. Hope you’ve been thinking peaceful thoughts while we were away. don’t be a stranger.

The H/F crew