It’s the Funky Puppet Supper 3

Here’s the final version of the show lineup. There are still volunteer opportunities available if anyone is interested…

See you there!


The CELLspace Puppet Cluster Presents
::: The Funky Puppet Supper 3: unJust Desserts :::

A Commedia Dell’Arte Cabaret Performance with
Three-Course Dinner & Puppet Mayhem

Celebrating the 7th Anniversary of CELLspace and benefiting their code compliance process

::: WHEN :::
Friday, March 21, 2003
Saturday, March 22
Sunday, March 23

Puppet crafting and appetizers at 6:30 pm (BYO puppet if you have one)
Food and cabaret begin at 8 pm

::: HOW MUCH :::
cabaret tables: $35
general seating: $25
Group rates available; donations above ticket price always encouraged.

::: WHERE :::
2050 Bryant St., SF between 18th and 19th Streets
:::wheelchair access, for special seating needs please call before show date:::

::: WHO :::
The CELLspace Commedia Family
The FPS Buffoons
All-Star Stilts and Comedy
The Fou Fou Ha! Dancers choreographed by Maya Culbertson

The puppetry of Jessica Binder, Ian Greeb, Jen Hirst, Matthew Hoffman, Russell Howze, Catherine Lynch, Christine Marie, David Morely, Mia Rovegno, Chacha Sikes, Aundi Taylor, and Jonathan Youtt

Music and Sound FX by Dr. Abacus

Featured Acts:
The puppetry of Glenn Allen
Trapeze delights of Emily Leap
The juggling feats of Temple Brady
Enchanting cello and aerial fabric duo of Amanda Starr and Alex Kelly
The antics of Chicken Monkey Butt

And a few more surprises

Prepared by Chef Justine Werfelman

unJust Desserts” is the creative response to Homeland Security’s dark shadow as it affects our local artistic community. Find out how the Commedia Family battles bureaucracy, and Little Dictators, with comedy, ingenuity…and puppet mayhem.

Puppetry arts have been a part of CELL since before it began. The CELLspace Puppet Cluster is a loose
organization of autonomous groups and performers
interested in raising the bar in puppetry, mask work,
and costume work. We pool our talents, resources, and
creativity into various projects with the desire to
learn something new and have fun while we do so.

As many have heard, CELLspace has been going through a
period of transition. Since July, when the San
Francisco Police informed us that we needed a Place of
Entertainment (POE) permit to continue to host events
at CELLspace, we have been financially struggling to
survive as an organization. During this period we have
made great progress in the pursuit of all necessary
permits, working with the nine City agencies relevant
to the process, and eventually being CONDITIONALLY
GRANTED our POE permit a few weeks ago. This does not
solve all of our problems, however, but it tells us
that The City believes that we are on the right path
and ultimately supports our existence.

We still have to raise an enormous amount of money,
through grants and other means, and make many major
facility improvements to comply with all relevant
codes. CELLspace also continues to lose money on a
monthly basis, though the incredible support we have
received from our friends in the arts who have hosted
benefits and given generously has allowed us to
survive. We are eternally grateful!

As a result of our efforts to work in a cooperative
manner with the officers of the Mission Station,
CELLspace can now host certain types of smaller events
and performances that do not jeopardize the progress
we have made. This is a direct result of establishing
mutual trust and better communication with the Police,
and the recognition that CELLspace continues to make
the necessary changes to provide a safe environment
for the community. This does not mean business as
usual, but it will allow us to consider event
proposals from our friends on a case-by-case basis.
This is very important to us, since historically over
50% of our revenue has been generated by event income,
which is needed now more than ever. Beyond events, we
want to remind you that we still host classes,
rehearsals, meetings, and forums.

While we continue the process of facility upgrades and
code compliance, there are many ways you can help, and
we encourage you to participate! You can host or
produce a benefit, or just volunteer for one. You can
make a donation to CELLspace, or you can come to one
of the Saturday construction days. Perhaps consider
joining in our efforts to plan and build the Mission
Village Market. You can volunteer any skill you have,
or even help in the office. These are just a few
examples of how you can get involved, and anything

Regardless, one thing is certain: CELLspace needs its
community as much as the community needs CELLspace.
Your participation has always been a key factor in our
existence. Working together, the building and
community that is CELLspace is evolving into an even
more dynamic and effective entity seeking to empower
art and community. While this is a time of crisis, we
also see it as a time of great opportunity. With your
continued support, we at CELL are psyched about the
future and what we can all build together!