createPics On the Road

Thought you’d enjoy a few of the pics I shot on the road these past weeks. Am still trying to move in and catch up here in SF. Being gone seven months sure makes returning a bit more dramatic!

Sad Clown in Iron Lung

Um, this was hanging on the wall at my co-worker Liz’ place in Des Moines. Too funny to not document!

Right next to the Holiday Inn where I slept my first night after Chicago, this sad barn sat by the parking lot. Felt like it was waiting to be developed into a KFC/Taco Bell/BP station. 🙁


A rad graffed truck in NYC. Don’t usually shoot these, but liked the style on this one.

Empty NYC Train

Wow, an empty NYC subway train. Had to shoot this and guess I’m getting into the absence of life as a theme (note, the empty school hallway as a banner pic).

Central Park in the Fall

Central Park in the late Fall. I shot this pic just as my batteries ran dry. My second set was dry too (a first), so I spent the day photoless. I survived!