2007 HappyFtTravels Sticker

2007 HappyFt Sticker

Around 2000, I created version 2.0 of this humble blog. I made a batch of icons for the nifty rollover buttons (that still work!) that connected the world to the categories that where my life. The original files of those icons where lost when a hard drive failed on my computer (please always back up your files before you learn the hard way).

Now, seven years later, I got the bug to create a few of the old images and put them on an 8th anniversary sticker, soon to get printed. Sticker may vary from image above. The sticker is only one of the two above btw. I flipped it so you wouldn’t have to flip your computer to read the upside-down part.

The fist with the brush is my Creations icon, and the molotov cocktail is my Politics icon. What better way to honor another year of my blog, and the creative/destructive forces that have happened personally and publicly, than with this fun new design.

Any donation over $1.00 will get you a few of these 2-n-1 gems via the US Postal Service. Out of country? Please donate $2.00 or more. Owe you a favor? I might mail you some whether you want them or not! Remember, the HappyFeetTravels project is a labor of love. Eventually, I’d love to break even….