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Updated 10/29/04

“With our [the USA's] deep-seated distrust of social equality, our genius for race-prejudice, our inarticulateness and short-sightedness, it seems highly probable that we shall evolve away from democracy instead of towards it.”

• 1800s essayist Randolph Bourne


The fourth, and final (?), Funky Puppet Supper is about to happen. Please come out and support this crazy project, and eat and be merry to boot!

Funky Puppet Supper 4 - The Devil Take Them!

A commedia dell'arte cabaret performance with three-course dinner, puppets, and more, Funky Puppet Supper announces its fourth production, "The Devil Take Them!", just in time for those who need to take a break from the Presidential election.

In this year's show, Doctorre Foustous receives a strange book in the mail that conjures strange things. Once the evil is unleashed, the Doctorre walks down a path of revenge, deception, loss, and his ultimate doom. Meanwhile, his daughter has fallen in love in the purest of ways. Is there light at the end of our journey? Can love conquer evil? Are you done with your salad? Deep questions to chew on at the Funky Puppet Supper's "The Devil Take Them!"

Reservations strongly recommended. Beer and wine available for a donation.

Two weeks only
Fri., Nov. 5 • Sun., Nov. 7
Thur., Nov. 11 (pay what you can; brown bag) • Fri., Nov. 12 • Sat., Nov. 13

Puppet crafting & appetizers @ 6:30 pm (BYO puppet if you have one)
Food and show begin at 8 pm

$20 each

CELLspace • 2050 Bryant St. (b/t 18th and 19th Sts.), SF
Reserve Now: 510-923-9439 or E-mail

The Funky Puppet Players • Fou Fou Ha • Kerri Krinsinski • Chef Justine Werfelman • Special Guests

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