Meet the OreoMobile

The CarnyMobile’s older sibling, the OreoMobile, awaits a professional photoshoot in the Magic Hat Brewery (founded by one of the creaters of 7th Generation products) parking lot. This ride went to NH and IA last year for six months, complete with a blow-up baby and missle.

Aaron, 2005 OreoMobile vet, prepares the Pentagon cookie stack for the photoshoot. Having just flown in from NYC a few days ago, he was super busy sprucing up the ride (painting, glueing, etc.). He leaves for IA in a fews days.

Aaron does the show for the first time since coming back to prepare to hit the road. It’s a 12 minute bit, full of great information, huge Oreo’s that represent $10 billion each, as well as pop-up pie charts, free pens, and free (edible) Oreo cookies. I got his script so that I can have some great talking points to throw in my carny bit.

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