Sticky Mouth

Yes, today is one of those days where you just go with the flow and take it for what it is. It began with the end of a seder for Passover. Done Project Artaud/Mission/Reb Le stylie. Biked home from that around 3am this morning, with mystical discussions and mad laughter ringing in my ears. Got home and continued to read Catching Fire, Book II of the Hunger Games trilogy. Slept in and had a futzy morning and finished the book, made final plans for the tour this afternoon, ate some food. Just chilled on a Shabbas morning. Gave the tour for a party of 9, a surprise birthday party for a man’s wife. She announced to her friends that she was pregnant. Weather was great. They loved the walk. Off to CC and Addie’s place for pre MAPP cocktails of egg-white pisco sours. Dangerous concoctions! Visits with friends and making new friends. Then out and about the Mission for tacos, galleries, and spaces packed to folks enjoying music. Discussions of murals, meetings with new and old friends, hugs all around and then back home to end the night with Mockingjay Book III beginnings, pb and honey sandwiches, the daily blog post, and a sticky mouth.