NBC Catches a Phish(head)

Had to head down to the Shoreline a few weeks ago to check out the 3.0 version of my favorite 1990s band Phish (they’ve broken up two times prior to this). They’re much better than the last time I saw them (the mud-mired Coventry, VT festival), mostly in part to lead guitarist Trey Anastasio’s going clean and sober (addicted to Big Pharma pills). Delicate show that kicked out the jams, and played the one song I wanted at the top of the show (Golgi Apparatus).

Josh Keppel, a photo-journalist from a local NBC Web site, snapped this pic of me for his cheeky “Jam Band Parking Lot” spread. I have to remind folks that “jam band” wasn’t a term when I started going to Phish shows. I think jam bands suck anyway.

Russell Howze from San Francisco wore his hat from the 1995-1996 Phish tour saying, “it’s vintage you know,” when asked about his ensemble. A fellow Phish fan tried to explain to me the significance of the name “Wilson” embroidered on the arm of Howze’s marching band coat, but my eyes glazed over at the lengthy explanation. Something about Gamehendge Wilson…?