Links Updated

Went to a puppet show yesterday and met a puppeteer visiting from Arizona. We started talking about the local Bay Area puppet scene, and I directed him to the links on this site for further connections and research. Late last night, I clicked through some of my puppet links and found many of them gone, outdated, or moved. So I went through them and did an update.

Today, I went through the rest and cleaned them all up. As I deleted dead links, searched for new links, and added links that weren’t on the list, I had a good time checking out my larger spheres of connections in the Bay Area and beyond. And I got to update my new causes and angles on the topics that interest me. Made sense that the Culture Jammer section is the most up-to-date. Need an online presence if you’re going to jam mainstream culture, right? has always had a links page. You can visit a 2004 version on the old archived site to see the early spheres of connections. I initially set up this site for East Coasters to share my life’s influences, visions, new friends/communities, and the City that became my home. I still see the links in 2009 as a way to express what is happening here in San Francisco and beyond. I also like to keep the links on here as a personal bookmark list of sites I like to refer and go to often. A one-stop click through of things that feed my soul here at HappyFt HQ.

So click away on the left colomn’s list of community goodness. I do add new links on there from time to time. And if you aren’t on the list, please let me know and I’ll add you. Some of today’s new links include: Michael Rauner, subMedia, Black Mesa IS, Eleni Gekas, Infoshop News, NORML, Just Seeds, Christine Marie, Noisebridge, Chicken John, and many others.

And if you want any stencil links, they’re all on Stencil Archive.