Ever Been to CELLpace?

What: Community Meeting to Keep the CELL Alive and Well
When: Monday, November 19th @ 7pm
Where: CELLspace
(2050 Bryant Street btwn 18th & 19th, Mission District SF)
the CELLspace community: anyone who has passed through our doors (or has been wanting to!) to attend an event, receive services, create some art, participate in community building, or for refuge.
Why: CELLspace’s future is in jeopardy.   The collective and Board  members are struggling to pay monthly operating costs. We need to refocus community support and revitalize our fundraising efforts and collective energies!

The Evening will provide an update of the current status, a gathering of creative thoughts and ideas, and an opportunity to get involved in our metamorphosis.


  • Events bookings
  • grant-writers
  • Youth service providers
  • publicity/outreach management
  • Save the CELL campaign development which includes: reaching out to
  • CBOs, local government, the media, former stakeholders and current
  • stakeholders
  • monetary and in-kind donations

Revive the collective process within CELL, and engage resources: In 2005-2006 alone, CELLspace welcomed over 80,000 people into the space with services, educational opportunities, events, space and more = 1 in every 8 residents in SF have been through our doors. The purpose of
these meeting is to ignite these folks who deem CELLspace a resource and vital ficture within San Francisco’s artistic, youth development and social justice community. We will walk away with working groups to tackle 4 major areas: fiscal health/debt management, events development, program development for youth and adults, and leadership involvment.

Please circulate this announcement to all Bay Area residents who are willing and able to keep the CELL alive and well!

Thank You and See You Monday!!!