Video, Art Exhibit, Mailings, etc.

Today was a day full of stencils. I began to make a promo video last night. Manic D needs one yesterday to put on a vid reel at a book buyers convention. I’ve made a few videos in the past year, have iMovie, so took a dive and made what is really a slide show with titles. Contacted my stencil bud Josiah and asked him for some of his dub music to use for the video. Got about 80% of the thing done last night and then went to bed. I had planned on beginning to make the slide presentation yesterday, but that is on the back burner for a few more days. Today, I stopped by Josiah’s house and picked up the music. He has stencil art on the walls, mostly from Scott Williams. Lots of graffiti on his walls. Rode over to Revolution Cafe and met with the manager and owner about the June 6 book opening and exhibit. They’re digging it. Gave them a promo packet and they wanted more. Realized that I need to get info on this night out to the weeklies ASAP. Have to write a press release first. Rode around pricing mailing packages (Office Max beats them all), came back home and finished the video. The track that I chose from Josiah’s CD was the same time as the end video. How about that for timing? Sent it to Jennifer over at Manic D and had some time to begin to package the promo for the June tour. I then biked to Scott Williams’s place to drop off one of his journals and pick up two more to photograph. He showed me some sick new cut outs that he hasn’t used yet. I took photos of them in their virgin glory. Had more work at CELLspace and then headed home to check the ole’ inbox. Jennifer loves the video but asked for the end titles to be reworked. Just finished reworking the video and will show her tomorrow when I stop by to pick up more post cards. What a full day! I should quickly mention that I am most likely going to Melbourne in July/August, so am working out the details for this. I am also contacting artists in the book to see if they’d like to be in the book opening show. Have about six artists on board so far. Still don’t know what my fall is looking like. I may hit the road some more to promote the book. Or I might need to get a job to save up money to do that. We’ll see how things come together!