The Book’s Moving Forward

Just got the email that I’ve been waiting for: Jennifer and Justine are moving forward on what will be the last major draft of Stencil Nation before it goes to print. I got thrown in the loop and now know that this version will be done March 3 at the latest. Jennifer found a great cave pic that’ll go in the book, and got permission from the nonprofit that owns the book to publish it. That’s exciting! I recently read over the edits for the last third of the book and approved them, so Justine now has that copy to drop in. All the edits from Jan. are being done. The book should go to press in March or early April. Still not sure how many copies will be in the first print.

On the tour side of things, June is looking great. Still stuck in Victoria, BC but working at least three angles there at the moment and should have something to show from it all this week. The book opening party got booked for June 6 at the Revolution Cafe. Tobias from Rev Cafe is totally into the project and wants stencils all over the place for the night: slides, DIY, on the sidewalks, on the walls, etc. Rev Cafe has a Mission Dist./Mediterranean vibe, so is a scene in and of itself. Throwing in the stencil scene will create a magical night there. It’ll be a fun party! Window displays are moving forward for Toronto, Seattle, Portland and maybe Newark. Have yet to move forward on the SF window project. Stencil Nation’s Budget Gallery will happen June 7. A winter East Coast tour is brewing, and early rumblings for a European tour are beginning (need the funds for the EU trip to happen). Again, this is all a dream come true, no matter what happens as it plays out. I hope everyone gets to feel the love along the way….