Stencilada: This Saturday!

What a fast and furious last two weeks. Scott Williams gave me a pile of his larger stencils for his Stencilada panel (he doesn’t use spray paint), and I had no where to store them. So they lived on my bed while I prepared the panels and did other things. So I literally slept with Scott’s cut stencils. Like Jimi Hendrix sleeping with his guitar, but not really! Once I started painting Scott’s panel, I started dreaming and day dreaming in bubbles and negative space swirls. I lost count of all the layers and hits I put on the panel. You can thank the bubbles for this. They ended up floating through the whole design, and “winning” as I put it (Marx wins too with no bubbles on him at all). Took me a bit longer to finish his panel than I thought, and didn’t want to rush it. I bought a hair dryer at the thrift store to speed things up, but still slowed down some with the heavy coats. Along with Scott’s original pieces, I created masks, developed shoulders for the figures (esp. the Col.) and made some spots crazy busy (Williams-esque?), while open spots showed the bottom layers. When I stopped by Scott’s place to get the stencils, his main advice was to “have fun.” I did, and got schooled in the process. Made a few mistakes, and hid most of them! Have photos, but will keep his for a surprise at this Saturday’s grill out.

About five days ago, I printed out Hugh’s CELLspace art (36 inches instead of 38 for two sides, but no time to re-d0), and finally started cutting it out. Took me longer than I thought to cut out the half-tone “cloud” stencil for the first layer, but finally hit the panel with that one yesterday and today. Love how it looks, though I’m a half-tone junkie. If I can’t focus on it, then its got to be good. Will put the second layer on the panel today or tonight. Have the green layers cut and ready to go too. The black layer is the last layer to cut. I knew that I’d be rushed for time and usually don’t like curating and creating, but things are going OK for this panel. Ran into Hugh last night at Al’s Comics Benefit and we discussed the panel. I told him that it’d definitely be a “stencil version” of his art. He’ll see the bridges in there. Wish I had time to make the bridges more creative, but must work with what I’ve got. I also will have the part of the wall where the spigot is. I took it to give the other artists a clean view of their art.

Speaking of which, here are some jpgs of some of the panels we have photos for.

See you Saturday between 1 to 5pm.

Peat Wollaeger  James S.  John Koleszar

From L to R: Detail from Peat Wollager, James S.’s panel, and John Koleszar’s panel