Stencil Nation to get 3rd Print Run

As some of you may know, Stencil Nation has been hard to find online and in the book stores. As the economy collapsed and fluttered over the past year, I ended my touring and began focusing on other projects (Stencil Archive, puppetry, events production, etc.). As things faltered in the world, Stencil Nation’s 2nd print run began to run out. There were moments in the year when I could barely fulfill the orers from

But I did, and Manic D Press continued to ride and survive the troubled waves in the publishing world (will the Kindle, etc. kill the book? Think not, but now something to think about.). Since Stencil Nation was released, dozens of stencil, street art, and graffiti books have been released, making a 3rd print of the book a hard decision for the always scrappy Manic D Press.

I just got word from Manic D that a 3rd print run will get distributed Feb. 24! This is good news to those of you who haven’t found the few places left online (like the book’s site) to find the book for a reasonable price. had copies of the book for sale well past $100 each. For those who don’t dig online for the best deal, that’s an unreachable amount to pay for the book.

Now that a 3rd print is about to be released, the price will once again be reasonable.

Thanks again for all your support over the past few years. I hope you all are enjoying the book.

I currently have 1st and 2nd print copies for sale via

Russell —