Stencil Nation: Germany Greetz


Photo by: TXMX (Taken on a freezing afternoon in the ASA studio courtyard. The tape didn’t work. The black spray can didn’t work. My fingers weren’t working too well! Suffering for the art and getting through it….)

Just a quick update. I need to go downstairs to the basement storage space here at Flora Bora 2 (Berlin) and lug some coal back up to the flat. Yep, they’re burning coal for heat here in modern Berlin. Guess it’s either that or nuclear/electric and dino gas heat. Anyway, just got back from an amazing visit to Hamburg. The presentation went great and was surrounded by art on the walls from almost all the stencil artists in that city (a first ever exhibit) and some of the artists themselves. Art on the outside walls all over Hamburg. TXMX giving me stories. Squats and leftist cultural centers all over. Good falafal. Beatles history. And the Reeper Bahn and frozen Elbe River. Good times! Spent this morning working on some San Francisco stencil projects in store for 2009. One is the book from Precita Eyes. I’ll have about five photos in there and Stencil Archive is an official “Cultural Partner.” CELLSpace just put up an amazing metal mural to gate the front windows there. They have space for eight panels and Tony Verma and I are curating the panels. Peat Wollaeger and John Selliers are on board. I hope to paint one or two. Other artists TBA with an opening in March most likely. So, off to get some coal! Doing my sad part to kill the planet on these freezing winter days……..