Stencil Nation Arrives in Boston


Q&A time at the Lucy Parsons Center Stencil Nation presentation. Had a great audience turn out for the event.

The tour is on! After a fast 10 days in San Francisco, I hopped on a jet and flew on over to Boston yesterday. All went well and my old friend Alex met me at the curb and drove me to his beautiful family flat in Cambridge. Hung out with Alex and Whitney and caught up a bit before we all headed to bed. I actually hopped online and began my net zombie thang until the wee hours, working on the tour(s). All is moving forward for the next few months. The Philly weekly has contacted me to feature the Wooden Shoe presentation. PIXNIT here in Boston hooked me up with the Weekly Dig about four days ago, so I submitted my “Top 10 Stencils.” I don’t really have a top 10 so basically picked ten moments in stencil history that I think are important. Saw it in the paper today but can’t find it posted online. Just heard from A Cappella in Atlanta that the the Atlanta Journal will call me soon for an interview. Fun! Booked and confirmed Charlotte at the Patchwerk Playhaus for Dec. 10. Have spoken to Mia in Providence to confirm a crash on her couch and will be at Symposium Books in her town on Saturday. All rolls forward. Today saw rain here in Cambridge, so I spent the day building an awsome railroad track with William (age 5). We also dug up a carrot in Alex’s backyard garden, and had random good times with Whitney and William’s two younger sisters. Didn’t stencil hunt much due to the weather, and hoped to bike to Lucy Parsons Center for the presentation. Ended up on a bus down Mass Ave., found the shop no problem, and met the friendly staff there. They had a stack of Stencil Nation books (1st ed.), which I accented with some original stencil art. We set up the laptop, AV equipment, the chairs, and then had a great crowd arrive. I’d say about 20 folks showed up. Had a friend from SF surprise me with a visit (she and her partner live in Boston now), and PIXNIT Productions spokesperson Vanessa Platacis showed up to help flesh out the Q&A session. Good times, great crowd, and sold books. Can’t go wrong. Decided to walk back to Cambridge and found stencils in the drizzle along the way. Saw some choice alleys off of one part of Mass Ave. that might warrant a bike ride visit tomorrow. Got word that Cambridge has a legal wall that may have stencil work, and also found a random PIXNIT spore that I might now have in her archive. Alex stopped by for the presentation too and said he thoroughly enjoyed it. Tomorrow will be stencil hunting time, on the bike if the rain isn’t too bad (I didn’t bring rain gear). Might go up to Montserrat College of Art to check out the group show that PIXNIT is in. That’s a schlep so we’ll see……..