Stencil Nation 3rd Print Out Now!

Jennifer at Manic D Press just contacted me to let me know that the 3rd print run of Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community, and Art is out now and ready to hit your coffee tables and local (hopefully indy) book stores.

Keep an eye out on upcoming Stencil Nation appearances here and there throughout the spring and summer!

DISTRO INFO (for any interested shop/gallery owners):

  • USA
    • Consortium 800-283-3572
    • Last Gasp 415-824-6636 contact: Jon Longhi
    • Ingram 800-937-0995
    • Baker+Taylor 800-775-1800
    • Manic D Press 415-648-8288 contact: Jen Joseph
    • Publishers Group Canada 1-800-747-8147
  • UK + EU
    • Turnaround PSL (London) 020 8829 3000