First Draft Revisions

Things finally converged towards kicking out the list of first draft revisions today. I spent a bitter cold day at the dining room table, flipping through Stencil History X, cross-referencing photos, looking at the new photos that Logan gave me, and adding all of those changes to the list that I made a few weeks ago. I had to buy the book from a store in Paris, and then had to have the owner ship the book out for a 3-day delivery here in SC. It took Chrono, the shipping company, six days to get the package to me, and the book came out of the envelop damaged in the lower left corner: a big ding that tore out that corner’s binding. Not happy about that so had to deal with seeing if there’s some type of compensation from Chrono after working on the revisions list. Samantha, the book author, sent me to David. All business was smooth with him, which was good to rely on over Christmas. Today, I got to flip through the book to try to see where our photos overlapped. Peat and Adam5100 had the most, so I dug into the other submissions for Adam to cover that overlap. Logan gave me some new Peat photos which I threw in and shuffled around. I had to take two photos out of the Difusor section, move some around for M-City, Jef Aerosol, as well as reshuffle Logan’s section. It went much smoother than I thought and will most likely add ten new photos, along with the reshuffled ones, to the book. After about 8 hours of working through the changes that I had amassed, I ended up with 78 tweaks, corrections, redesigns, and photo reworking. Zipped the new image files and mailed it off to Justine along with the updated file credits and the list of the tweaks. On to the second draft! Had to mention this: froze my ass off yesterday stencil hunting in Atlanta. Went to Krog tunnel and walked down both sides and the pillars in the middle (dodging rush hour traffic) to shoot all the great art in there. Man, was it cold! Headed over to Little Five Points and found about a dozen other stencils there. Didn’t take long to lose the feeling in my fingers. Ah, suffering frostbite for my art. Or is it an obsession?