Fast Day on Book To Dos

Got the pdf of the whole book late last night. Happened to be up so went through the book a few times before going to bed to get a general feel for things. Woke up this morning and dove right in on a few things. First off, I began to create the post card to promote the book. Couldn’t find any photos I wanted to use for background images so grabbed my camera and rode around the Mission shooting tag walls, buffed walls, etc. Came home and dropped in a few of my favorites to test them out. Took a break from that and began to list edits for the current version of the book. Justine has put a lot of work into the book. It is almost 200 pages now! I like what she did with a spray paint motif, have already mentioned liking the new chronology, and like how she works with two-page spreads and one image to a page “breathing spaces” (to use a Josh MacPhee term). Still have found about 10 edits so far, but nothing popping out like the last go. It’s exciting to see the whole book, flip through the digi pages and get a feel of how it’ll read. Managed to find time to scan in some of Halsey’s amazing 25-block Stencil Archive logo and begin to experiment with a masthead redesign. Spent a good two hours on designing the tiny 16 pixel favicon with the new design, so this spurred me to make the rest of the designs look similar to that simple one. Antonio picked up the content for Saturday and promised a live site by April 1. I gave him a presentation of all the content and he was happy with what I passed along. Also heard from Camas Book Shop in Victoria. A member of their collective asked if I was interested in having a stencil-making workshop there. Boy am I! Amy Rice has asked if I’d like to have a party at the gallery in Seattle where she’s showing work in June. PaperMonster in New Jersey is already helping me hook up for a Winter event in NJ (with potential window displays). Got to visit with Adam5100 and Peat at Peat’s Luchador show at Club Six Saturday. Was good seeing them and chatting about our current projects. And hope to get the mural project going at CELLspace soon. Have a great idea for it, so hope to make it real!