This Will Be One of Those Amazing SF Weeks

Carnaval just landed on a chilly Sunday this weekend. I caught the parade for about an hour, went home for a break, and then walked a litter-strewn, car-free Mission Street to the party at Harrison St. Ran into Jef, Rebecca, Antonio, and Linda in the market-buying frenzy there, and we promptly left to catch Soul Salaam at Medjool’s rooftop party, running into Kush Arora on the way out. Pod showed up to the rooftop scene, so I caught almost all of the old SoundLabSF crew in one day!

What’s in store for this week?

After being a fan for 7 years, I finally get to see Manu Chao this Wednesday at Bill Graham Auditorium. He has a new CD out this September. The folks at CELLspace will be bartending for a fundraiser at Elixir that night as well.

Saturday, Pod and DJ Zelko, along with World Remix alums Brass Menazeri, get their Roma on at Kafana Balkan, 7 pm at the Rickshaw Stop. $10-$25.

Sunday, my current favorite band ever, Secret Chiefs 3, headline at the Great American Music Hall. Attend this event prepared to see music genres get shredded, along with ear drums (ear plugs recommended) and perhaps your soul. I caught this band two years ago for an adoption day show and they melted my mind in an initiation of fourth-dimensional vector-pointed warps into robed mysticism. Read about that amazing initiation here.

Maybe we run into each other this week? Hope so!

PS: Posted this while listening to Balkan Beat Box’s new CD Nu Med.