Photos fm Appalachia

Greets from the United Mountain Defense Volunteer House in North Knox(ville). Got to spend two brief nights here at the house and will head to the UT campus’s frat row for the rest of the week. We begin to set up the Roadshow tomorrow. Written post coming tomorrow. For now, check out some pics from the past week in Appalachia.


The small hill behind these creepy signs are mineland reforestation, headed up by Jon Rockett. I got to visit Wise County, VA’s Powell River Project Site during the ACE conference. I took the photo because of the blasting info, which didn’t happen while we were on the property.


Further in the blasting site, the dead mountain looms over a reforested cow field. To the left of this blown up mountain, several rolling hills of blasted debris have been seeded for grass and tree growth. I took this photo to show everyone what Big Coal is doing to the Appalachian landscape.


Nick gets over a sickness and Zach plows away at admin on United Mountain Defense’s Volunteer House porch. Nice place to work hard, huh?


In front of the Volunteer House, three veggie patches sit among the tall grass. Pricilla and the Road Dog truck rest down the hill a ways. After Matt cut the tall grass, we harvested and tore out two of the beds. The okra in this pic is doing well, so didn’t get dug up.


Props to the Volunteer House for being one of the few houses to have the “guys sit to pee” rule. My home in SF has the same rule, so I took this shot to give them a sittin’ shout out.