puppetsUN Puppet Build and Mad Puppetz Pupparazi

Lot’s of puppet things going on this past weekend. Anon Salon had a pupet-themed event called Mad Puppets featuring puppets from all over along with paying customers dressed up like puppets.

The Council of Species puppet build happened at the CELLspace Mission Village Market earlier that same Saturday, and volunteers and passersby got to jump in on the fun assembly line. More puppet builds coming every weekend for the UN council.

UN Puppet Build Fish
The first finished puppet! There will be a large school of fish representing, along with monkies and frogs.

Ian Greeb Smil
At Mad Puppetz, Ian Greeb displays how his puppet skills got bumped up another notch-thanks to a foam sander.

Ians Babies
Ah, ain’t they cutie wootie Ian thingies?

Big Tadoo Crow
Emily Butterfly presents the Big Tadoo’s crow mask backstage before working the Mad Puppetz crowd.

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