Tonight! Shadows in Stereo at SpaceCraft

Shadows In Stereo, is an installation that provides a rare opportunity to create and experience stereoscopic 3D with one’s own shadow.

Guests are invited to wear anaglyph glasses as they traverse the gallery having their shadows projected 40’ high.  Unlike a typical shadow, when viewed in 3D shadows do not cling to surfaces they move out into cubic space.  A sense of somatic dislocation occurs that is surprising and delightful.

The viewing experience is created by hand made stereoscopic lights and glasses constructed by artist Christine Marie.  The installation is a low- fi spectacle, more congruent with the light magic of Athanasius Kircher than the CG-Real-D digital work of James Cameron.

The experience is just as sensational appealing both to feeling of awe and an archetypal sense of wonder.

Installation created by Christine Marie.

Soundscape by Aden Liggett.

Maintained by Russell Howze