Help Save Urban Trees in Duboce Triangle

Jonathan over at the Magic Funk Palace (a coop house much like our beloved Flora Bora) on Duboce Ave., sent this call out. He’s volunteering time he doesn’t have to save these trees, and has a few neighbors helping out. I’ve been hearing his stories of this struggle against a huge hospital corporation, a greased neighborhood newspaper, and a planning commission that will build anything at the moment. This is the last chance to save these lofty trees!

I’ve suggested tree sits if all else fails. I’m willing to offer support and CD if needed.


Hi friends,

This is really important.  Please forward the message below to as many folks as you can to help preserve an urban grove of trees in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood of San Francisco.  This is crucial that the Board of Supervisors hear from as many folks as possible on this matter, as it is our last chance with our appeal process.  Please send a group email to the attached list of Supervisors so they understand the community’s position.  Clearcutting mature trees in San Francisco is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated by the community.  Please help take action now.

With Respect,

Help Save Urban Trees in Duboce Triangle Threatened by Hospital Expansion
Call on the Board of Supervisors to preserve the Duboce Grove from being clearcut
Demand a full Environmental Impact Review(EIR)

The fate of the Duboce Grove, a row of 30 mature trees on Noe Street in the Duboce Triangle, adjacent to Duboce Park, rests on an appeal before the Board of Supervisors this Tuesday August 7th at 4:00pm. The Duboce Grove was originally part of a landscaping mandate by the S.F. Planning Commision as a condition to the construction of Davies Hospital in the 1970s.  These trees have grown 30-40 foot tall and form an urban grove which creates a greenbelt connecting Duboce Park to Market Street and buffers the residential neighborhood from the enormous hospital campus behind the grove. The Duboce Grove is currently scheduled to be destroyed to make way for the development of a Medical Office Building @601 Duboce Ave. proposed by the owners of the Davies Hospital, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), which was approved by the S.F. Planning Commission last month and appealed by the neighborhood and the hospital workers union.  There is plenty of room on the Davies Campus to build the building behind the tree line so we are not trying to stop the construction of their building, just the placement.  Please take action to help preserve the trees.

Appeal Hearing: San Francisco Board of Supervisors Chambers, City Hall
Tuesday, August 7th 4:00pm –Be sure to get there early to get a seat. Sign up to speak.

Please call and also send an email and demand that a full Environmental Impact Review (EIR) be done on the CPMC’s Medical Office Building at 601 Duboce Ave. and express your opposition to CPMC’s destruction of this urban forest to each of the Supervisors:

Jake McGoldrick (District 1):   , (415) 554-7410
Michela Alioto-Pier (District 2): , (415) 554-7752
Aaron Peskin (District 3, Board President): , (415) 554-7450
Ed Jew (District 4):        , (415) 554-7460
Ross Mirkarimi (District 5):     , (415) 554-7630
Chris Daly (District 6):        , (415) 554-7970
Sean Elsbernd (District 7):    , (415) 554-6516
Tom Ammiano (District 9):    , (415) 554-5144
Sophie Maxwell (District 10):    , (415) 554-7670
Gerardo Sandoval (District 11):    , (415) 554-6975
Note: Bevan Dufty (District 8) is recused from this case due to a conflict of interest.

Copy and cc this full list: (Please bcc to to help track the support), ,,,,,,, ,,

For Additional Information:

Sample Letter (personalize and modify as you will)

Dear Board of Supervisors,

I am writing to you in regards to the appeal you have before you this Tuesday, August 7th regarding the Medical Office Building that CPMC is planning to build at 601 Duboce Avenue.  I urge you to require that a full Environmental Impact Review be performed to assess all of the impacts that such a project has on the environment and the neighboring community.  I especially feel that you must also act to permanently preserve all of the trees that comprise the entire perimeter of the Davies Campus.  In the age of global warming, I think that it is deplorable that an institution of healing is considering the removal of oxygen–creating trees.  Studies have been done that prove the healing value of trees and plants in health care facilities and I think that CPMC should not only be honored that they have such a valuable asset, they should showcase these trees by creating a Natural Healing Path to utilize this resource in the healing process.  Please take the lead and make this requirement as the MOB that CPMC wishes to build can easily be set back behind the tree line, and still serve the medical community.  Thank you for your service to the city of San Francisco.