Two Dreams on Thursday

I. Working on the water, barely making a living. Having to deal with huge, rogue waves. During this dream, three big waves come crashing toward me. The last one wasn’t as bad as the first two. During the first waves, I get the feeling that someone maybe be cheating me at my job. I begin to set up gear when the third huge wave hits. Unlike an earlier wave, which was a wall of dark blue, the final wave comes in unremembered. I’ve dreamed of this spot by the beach where the wave hits some other time. The other workers and I see it coming and climb higher up the structure we’re on. It misses us and, after passing and withdrawing, I slide down the metal poles to meet the others on the ground.

II. A group of artists rehearses an odd number. They’re playing square-shaped objects that have four same-sized bumps on them (like a Lego block). One performer has a large, oval-shaped puppet head over one of the blocks and moves it to open and close the mouth. Maybe it is singing. The sun light shines through the puppet heads, creating some loss of the performer’s hiding. I can’t make out who it is. Practice done, the performers head back to the ambulance that they use for shows. A blonde male has to coax his frustrated lover to unlock the auto. “What are you doing?” she asks. “Saving up money playing with this band so I can be in a real band,” he replies. “What’s a real band?” she then asks. “A group thats in the 1990s or 2000s, unlike this one,” he replies.