Spirits Battle Spirits

The hitch on the trailer has broken, leaving Jon and I broken down on a Northern California winter’s evening. Not much around by way of lodging so we go to one of the few buildings for a night’s stay. Jon immediately goes into a deep, exhausted sleep, while I start feeling uneasy about the house. The house seems to want me dead, trying a few times to end my life. Getting through these attempts, one of the house’s spirits apparates. He’s angry and reminds me I belonged to them since L. tried to kill me there in the past. I refuse to be killed, and with Jon as no help, I leave the building looking for a solution.

I walk to a neighboring property that holds spiritual retreat. They’re closed for the winter, so I try to find the caretaker, hoping that he’ll help me not get killed. I wake him up, and ask him to help me with the problem. He doesn’t want too be bothered, so I begin to think hard about how to escape and not freeze to death. That’ll be hard to do in the country.

Confused spirits begin to show up. They’re looking for their lost loved ones. I ask them if they died in the house I’d fled and they all say yes. I ask them to help me end the spirit’s murderous ways. As they indicate that they want to help, I visualize spirits battling spirits as the only way out of this mess. Excited to deal with this, the spirits gather aroud me. We begin to organize and rally the masses for this one-shot assault.

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