dreamsPlate of Cheese

A friend is having a party and Deborah is there. While I leisurely paint on a piece of art, Deborah runs about setting up food dishes. I only want to eat cheese and continue painting. As people start to arrive, Deborah gets angry at me and insists that I help her help our mutual friend. I say no, I just want cheese, and then accidentally drip paint on the painting.

Nina arrives and speaks with a familiar woman about having access to unreleased Burningman DVD

In another part of the apartment building a thug literally loses his gold and clothes while gambling. Outside by his scooter a friend explains that he needs to figure out how to pay up or leave the City. I leave the apartment building while they’re outside. I talk to the thug and listen as he ponders going straight.

Deborah appears and tells him to turn the other thugs in. She uses therapy jargon to tell him that he needs to connect with his heart and then leaves. “They’ll be after your ass,” I reply. “She doesn’t realize that they’ll hold your hand down and cut your finger off without thinking.”

I’m on an odd, flat-bed MUNI train talking to my friend Al. I look down while Al talks, then look up and he’ gone. The conductor is yelling “Stay off the back!” and I walk to the edge of the flat-bed to look for Al.

Later, a paper reports the incident and prints a photo of Al. He saw something and ran off the car illegally. He soon tells me that it was someone from the party with my plate of cheese.

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