Oct. 9th Dream :: Neal, Jack, and the Head

I have dreamed about the Head freak before. This person is just a head with two withered feet. He usually ends up falling over after being delicately placed somewhere. And he sticks his tongue out, trying to push up off the floor to get upright again. In this dream, a woman running a day-care center takes care of the Head. She happens to be Jack Kerouac’s mother, living in North Carolina. She has to leave work, so she asks Jack to watch the Head while she’s gone.

Good ole’ Neal Cassidy shows up in a stolen car and wants Jack to drive to NYC with him. Jack calls his Mom to tell her and she says that he isn’t supposed to leave North Carolina. He decides to go anyway, and absent-mindedly puts the Head in the back window of another car before he goes.

As Neal and Jack drive off, Jack gets anxious about Neal’s stolen car. Then Jack remembers that he left the Head in the other car. “We gotta turn around Neal! ’cause if the Head dies, they’ll arrest my mom for murder!” Neal reluctantly turns around just before they cross a bridge into the woods. He assures Jack that they’ll take care of the Head.