Oct 7th Dream :: Arrows and Crosses

Oct. 7th, 3:05 AM (a filmic dream)

Men in uniform appear to be making a fake video/film showing someone blowing up. The explosion is real, and the person who dies is not part of the fascist conspiracy.

The scene changes to reveal a small boy looking at public mailings. The brochures and fliers have no text or photos and are just white paper. “It must mean something,” he says, taking them and throwing them on a shiny floor. One of the explosion conspirators picks up a few. He and the boy notice each other, so feeling exposed, the conspirator exits towards the camera. As fills in the camera frame, everything goes white.

Camera zooms out of a white screen and reveals an extreme close up of a man in a suit with no face. He has a white hole there instead. As the camera continues to pull away, the figure stands in the middle of a city street. Another uniformed man runs just in front of the camera, looking behind him as he shoots a cross-bow arrow at the blank-faced man. The arrow disappears in to the white emptiness of his face, so the soldier quickly reloads his crossbow for another try. As the blank-faced man begins to run towards the soldier, the second arrow launches. The blank-faced man runs faster, putting both his hands in together in front of him, and the arrow pierces his hands. Sparks fly in a close up shot of the man’s pierced hands.

A pencil flies away from the camera, revealing Tom Cruise in uniform, standing on a decorated stage in front of a huge, fascist-looking cross symbol. The uniformed man siting in the front row was the main conspirator in the explosion propaganda film. Other faces in the crowd seem familiar.