dreamsMorning Dreams

I’m working in a corporate environment, but seem to be a temp. People know me, but I am in a different area of the floor from the two guys that need my help. On top of that I have a young girlfriend (I could be younger in this dream) who seems to be spending the day with me at work. She physically resembles my friend J.

The two guys have given me a presentation file to work on. Not hard considering I could do this with my eyes closed, but I am constantly distracted by my girlfriend. She knows people that I work with better than I do (one is a young blonde-haired surfer type), and I am a little jealous. I finish the job and it prints out on a spool printer. I cut out the individual pages to give back to the two guys.

Other dream fragments consist of foreplay with my girlfriend that always gets interrupted. Scenes include a park by a fountain, a condo or hotel room, and the place where I worked. Everywhere we go she knows people or is distracted by other people.

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