May 14, KGB Dream; Other Fragments

I work in a Soviet Department of Organic Produce for a dream-like Totalitarian Russian Regime. Paranoia follows me as a fact of life, and I find myself at a public execution somewhat shaken by how it is happening.

The shooters, army regulars, stand far away from the people who are going to get executed. A crowd, which looks planted by the Party, stands around in odd configurations, most likely to look good for the camera shots.

I decide that I need to speak with the commander of the soldiers, so try to walk into the stands to cut around to where they are. People in front of me are walking into the stands without hassle, but a man stops me and tells me that I need to buy a ticket.

“Would it help if I showed you my government Party badge?” I ask.

“In that case, you pay 181 for the ticket,” he replies.

Paranoid from his response, I back around, go through a tunnel, and make it to the shooters. The commander seems to have no idea what’s going on, and his men are aiming at whomever they think they should execute. Frustrated, I leave the scene and get into my tiny, clunker government car.

On the road, I get buzzed by a man in a golden, 1970s TransAm T-top. Then, in front of me, I see a large truck heading towards me. Its front lights and grill are caged; its bottom is plated, and it continues to drive straight towards me. Cars veer out of the way in front of me, but I remain defiant in my tiny issued car.

The truck plows into me, and I go underneath it in my car. I roll 2-3 times, get crushed, and then spit out the back end of the truck.

Other Recent Dream Fragments

I’m playing a ukulele real well.

I’m at an evening protest that is turning violent, and a group or radicals who have a food stand offer me a ride back to the Mission. I end up in the Sunset so crash with a woman there. I then go back to the old mortuary with a woman named Megan and her son. My father hangs off of the kitchen cabinets and pours coffee precariously into a mug as he talks to us. Megan has a large crush on me.

I’m in an RV that stops at a strange museum in a mall complex. I go in, and am supposed to steal something. I get nervous and leave the museum. We load into the RV and drive off.