Flood Dreams


My sister decides to visit and sleep at my place while our mother is also visiting. My sister can’t stay still in our shared bed, so she gets up and walks away. I then wake up, go for a walk, and get hit by a huge tsunami. I survive the wave and then scramble into the woods. As I walk through the muck, I keep thinking “stay in one place. They’ll send search parties out.”

I walk back to my barracks and my superior officer tells me that I need to clean my area. At my area, I see the mess and know that my sister made it. Other bunk mates are sweeping with their brooms. I do the same.

A flood begins and I’m on a conference call with my mother and someone else. I sit in my grandmother’s old blue Ford Fairlane while we try to figure out how to coordinate a meeting and possible evacuation. I go to a grocery store, meet a friend, and put food into his bike bag. I walk away to the book section, open one, and see a photo of Eric Doyle riding a tiny bike through a supermarket. I then see Eric near check out with a normal bike and food. I notice a lot of bikers and bike bags in the supermarket. I find my bike leaning on a rack of junk food. Back in the Fairlane, I have the urge to leave. I turn the ignition over a few times and start the car. I call Mom. Without ringing, Mom answers with an “oh, hi.”