Flights of Freedom: A Dream in Firenze

I tell this story to keep my mind clear and together. I may be telling it to someone else, or to myself. I must keep perspective so that I can keep reality straight. Things went bad after my mother disappeared. No one knew where she’d gone too and no one had found her missing car either. One day, while walking down a familiar street, many people found their missing relatives in their cars. All together in one parking lot. Mom was there, happy to see me. She told me that she’d met an amazing man and her life had totally changed for the better. “Is his name ___?” I inquired. “No. His name is ___,” she responded. Dubious, I asked Mom another question about pollution. “Plastic is wasteful,” she told me. This was a patent response for a strange cult I new of (maybe have dreamed it before), but the name of the man was different. So I walked into the building with my mom and saw a bearded man sitting with two other people. I spoke with him and felt many other eyes looking at me. I knew that he was a/the leader. I casually left the building, walked out of the parking lot, and began to run down the street. I wanted to escape and keep my freedom. I would never be as easy to convert as my mother was! An older woman with dark short hair came out of the woods on the side of the road and managed to grab my arm. That’s all she did and everything got blurry and went dark. I came to at another point in time, still fighting to keep myself together. My throat was sandpaper dry. I needed water, but a voice in my head reminded me that asking for something or complaining will only lead to more abuse from the people in charge. So I try to swallow what I can. I then flash to another instant in time where I’m walking through a large building and talking to myself in my head. I’m keeping the history straight. I’m trying to remember what my family looks like and that if I can’t have my freedom for myself, then I will gain it for them. I must be known in this building because a woman makes eye contact with me as I walk by. I then exit the building and run out onto a lawn. I jump down an embankment, still talking to myself. Have I been hiding the meds? Use this moment of clarity for as long as you can! I am going to be free. I have tried to be free many times before and this time I will make it. I jump down another natural wall, almost effortlessly. Like a superhuman. This is what I need to get out of here! I’m at the side of a sea or lake and I jump in and instantly begin to swim. I notice that I have fingerless gloves as I try to swim away. There’s a leader in the water already, trying to save another person who had the same idea. The leader lunges for me and I react with survival in mind by dunking them both under water for almost too long. I see one of the heads of security at the water’s edge. He is not happy and is diving in after me. I try to swim away but struggle in the waves. The security leader easily approaches me and I end the dream by telling myself that I got a broken wrist for almost killing the other people. I’m not given pain medicine which is fine. It allows me to stay free in my mind and try to keep reality together for another attempt at leaving this oppressive cult.