Dreams: Blades and Bodies

Nov. 22 Dream

I am at Burning Man, standing by a table full of arguing Asian men. They all sit on chairs made from sharp blades. As their argument becomes more intense, I go find a Ranger and tell him that I am afraid that they will start throwing knives at each other. The Ranger calms down the fight and then takes me to a party. He hoists me up above the crowd so that I can crowd surf. I am having a great time up there! First time I have ever crowd surfed.

Nov. 23 Dream

Someone is killing people in a village just outside a deep-wooded area. I am visiting the village after a long hike and I see systematic holes cut into a wall. The investigators allow me to look into some of the holes and I see what appears to be people’s items. They are set up like shrines. A serial killer has been killing people and creating these hidden collections of their things. They think that the killer might be a rich, well-off judge who lives in the area.