Dream: Zombie Magician (Nov. 2002)

I am a powerful wizard in a world that is similar to this one, yet full of magic and witchcraft. I have become a zombie, or perhaps a partial zombie. I can tell because my irises have turned white and my pupils are shaped like a cat’s pupils. I have pale skin and I am eating someone’s brains.

Startled from this dream within a dream, I wake up… chewing on a severed hand. Disoriented, I look around my room. It is large and ornate, so I must be a successful wizard. I realize that I am not at my house but am a guest at a friend’s mansion. I help them prepare for a party, and a powerful witch stops by. She seems startled when we meet on the porch. “Maybe it is my eyes,” I wonder.

I nonchalantly put my hands to my face. I am holding something. Looking down, I see the severed hand from my dream!

I get sent on a party errand. After walking past dark pools and hot tubs, I head down a dirt road. A person stops me and tells me “I know a way to cure your zombie-ism.” He unfolds a large piece of newspaper. One side has text and graphics laid out like a movie poster.

The poster has a large photo of a zombie’s head. While looking at it, waiting for the cure, another passerby says “I can cure your zombieness.” He takes out a pen and colors in the pupils and iris of the zombie in the poster. He and his buddies laugh at this.

The man holding the large piece of paper flips it over. The other side shows voodoo and shamanistic items with dotted lines around them (so they can be cut out). I see a necklace, ankle rattles, wrist rattles, etc. They are supposed to be worn by a human. Text for spells and directions for usage surrounds all the items on the page.


Another flash of the dream shows me standing in the mansion next to my friend. I am needed for something, so I climb out a window and over a fence to go to another house.

Recorded: 11/25/2002 Whittier, CA