Dream: Skin on His Face

A murderer has somehow walked past CCTV cameras and tight security to leave an enclosed compound. It appears that he has taken someone’s skin, taken it off their face, and put it over his own to hide his identity. He escaped because he wasn’t recognized. I go out to an area on the grounds that contain a few pieces of rotting, weedy office furniture. A desk is crooked so I prop up a leg with a rock to make it more stable. I notice a cat walking by so, remembering my childhood cat followings, decide to see where it goes. I follow it to an opening in the perimeter’s security fence! Holes appear everywhere, opening into beautiful vistas of flowing creeks and rolling hills. I follow the cat and walk by people in rags, living on the edge of the fence. Barely getting by it seems. I begin to see small pieces of paper and recall that the murderer had similar pieces of paper in his hands in the CCTV video. Maybe he just dumped these thinking that no one in their right mind would pass through the perimeter after him. I go back to my grown over furniture and dig out some rusty paperclips to pick up the paper and not spoil the evidence with my fingerprints. Back in the building, others confirm that these items belonged to the killer. They have his prints and know who he is. Another person holds one of the pieces and traces out the patterns that adorn it. As he cuts them out I realize that this is the template for the killers skin-parts. Each shape kind of fits on parts of the face. I am told that the killer had a few bloody places on his face in the video because the skin dried too fast and wasn’t on correctly. To take it off and re-apply, the murderer tore some of his own skin in the process.