Dream: Simian Hands (pt. 1)

MG and I are in a house with other people. There are dirty dishes in the downstairs sink that need to be put in the dishwasher. After a meal, I wander off, realizing that I should have stayed to help MG. I go back to the kitchen. She cannot find detergent, so I look among bottles of poisons and chemicals. MG finds out where the detergent is, so we load up the dishwasher.


A female character from the Walking Dead goes to a back bungalow to relax and clean. Several men stand in the woods that surround the front of the bungalow. One man mumbles something and another man with long hair and glasses grumbles “You’d know better if you read more Anarchist texts!” The other guy leaves. As the long-haired man walks away, he hears a scream coming from the woman in the bungalow.

The long-haired guy pulls a gun out from the back of his pants and heads to the bungalow. Up in the trees, a simian hand holds a basketball and then drops it. Dozens more monkey hands drop basketballs on the long-haired man.

Inside the bungalow the woman continues to sweep while two other people have an intense conversation in another room.