Dream: Pall Mall Thief

Recurring Dream Fragment:

A woman with long red hair keeps stealing red packs of Pall Malls out of the old pantry in the mortuary apartment’s den. I was speaking with someone near where my dad’s recliner would be. The woman walked in with an Asian man who was holding a shadeless lamp. As they walked to a van packed with stuff, she shook her head and told the man “No, it’s too much.” Then she turned and walked to the pantry, about ten feet from where I stood.

I usually do not catch her stealing the Pall Malls. This time I yelled “stop!” “Those aren’t yours, you bitch!” She grabbed them and began to walk away. I tried to chase her, but she disappeared in a dream-time blur.

I decided not to let this happen again, so took out a pencil and a piece of brown paper to leave a note to B and A. The note said, “Hide your cigs!” I couldn’t read it on the brown paper, so got a pen and rewrote the note on a piece of white paper.

This was the first time I attempted to stop her stealing cigarettes in the next dream. And the first time I actively tried to stop her.