dreamsDream in the Old Mortuary

Someone sets people up to die or get arrested, so my father snoops around to try to figure out who it is. Since I am visiting, my father insists that I tag along. This makes me feel like a little boy again. As the snooping progresses, the situation becomes more serious, and Dad discovers that it is a close friend who is getting people in trouble. At last he figures out that Dan C. is responsible.

Dad grabs a gun, pulls me along, and waits behind a chair in the old mortuary. I lay on the ground and question if what I am doing is safe. Out of sight, Dan C. approaches. He whistles a bit, makes a smart-ass comment, and then rushes by pointing a shotgun at us. Shots are fired, and I raise my head to see that a blood trail leads downstairs towards the room I lived in above the old mortuary.

I rush down the stairs and find Dad shot in half. I fumble 911 on the land line phone and then run back to him. I try to close his eyes, but he is still alive. I hold his hands, tell him I love him, and sing “Amazing Grace” to him. He asks for Mom, and tries to explain how this ended so badly. I begin to go into shock, and then wake up.

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